About Us

We Are Recycled Brooklyn

Recycled Brooklyn is a furniture design and home goods company founded by Matthew and Steven Loftice, two brothers dedicated to producing sustainable, eco-friendly products. Started in Steve's kitchen with absolutely no thought given to making it a full-time endeavor, they very quickly realized they had touched a nerve - the response to their handmade wares was immediate and overwhelming. Soon came offers to build furniture for restaurants, offices and hotels, something they could no longer do in a kitchen with only two sets of hands and a limited set of tools. It had become perfectly clear that the practice of using reclaimed and sustainably-sourced materials was the future and not just a fad; RecycledBrooklyn was here to stay.

Today, Recycled Brooklyn is proud to have an 8000 sq. ft. workshop employing 10 Brooklyn fabricators and an ever-expanding product line. We have created pieces for people across the globe as our designs and philosophy transcend languages and borders. With so much reusable material already in circulation, there's no reason to think that Recycled Brooklyn is the last step. If anything, it is just the beginning.